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In the beginning of 2014, we have started a col­lab­o­ration with Heaven Solu­tions as we wanted to boost our in-house R&D capacity in software devel­opment as well as improving our software testing pro­ce­dures. Heaven Solu­tions engaged with our oper­a­tions both on-site as well as remotely. Their reliable and skilled spe­cialists inte­grated them­selves very well in our business culture, adding value to our internal team and allowing our department to optimize project exe­cution. We have been excep­tionally sat­isfied with the quality of the ser­vices delivered by Heaven Solu­tions. Their work has been meeting our expec­ta­tions on the highest level and is in accor­dance with our growth plans. Their client focus in accor­dance with IT inno­vation as well as struc­tured project man­agement is making the overall expe­rience very sat­is­fying. I would rec­ommend Heaven Solu­tions to any firm that is looking for a solution-ori­ented service provider with a strong business focus and under­standing.”

Ulrich Orth, Head of CAD/CAM R&D

Dentsply Sirona

There spectrum of tech­nology stacks, pro­gramming lan­guages and devel­opment methods are a strong plus. In our client server tech­nology, they always bring in fresh ideas and a con­stant high quality.”

Ulf Willers, Project Manager R&D GCZ

Dentsply Sirona

Heaven Solu­tions pro­vides a valuable con­tri­bution to our cross-national devel­opment team. They are the strong and flexible partner we need.”

Dr. Sascha Schneider, Head of CAD/CAM R&D GCZ

Dentsply Sirona


Heaven Solu­tions is an excellent business partner where all the team members are sin­cerely looking for solu­tions to satisfy cus­tomer needs. Our internal team part­nered for success with Heaven Solu­tions’ pro­fes­sionals in dif­ferent inter­dis­ci­plinary projects where we needed both com­mu­ni­cation and tech­nical skills. Heaven Solu­tions proved to be a com­petent and reliable partner in critical projects such as the largest Share­Point imple­men­tation in Finland in 2013–2014 and first Share­Point eLearning solution built on top of Azure IaaS. So I kindly rec­ommend them for the business value they bring as a partner”

Esa Tervo, CEO

Neoxen Systems
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Heaven Solu­tions helped Rompetrol in various software projects such as cre­ating from scratch a BPM for fleet oper­a­tional ser­vices. This kind of projects may end up with a product that is halfway to what one would have actually wanted as a result of an inability to under­stand the product from a user’s point of view and a lack of flex­i­bility on the part of the devel­opment team. This was not the case with Heaven Solu­tions, their tech­ni­cians delivered, on time and budget, exactly what we wanted: we did not have to com­promise at all. Heaven Solu­tions dis­played a real under­standing of how the product should work in the ‘real world’ and helped us to provide our cus­tomers with an excellent service. We have been very sat­isfied with our col­lab­o­ration with Heaven Solu­tions. They are trust­worthy, have excellent tech­nical and project man­agement skills. Fur­thermore, I highly rec­ommend Heaven Solu­tions for their ability to under­stand industry-specific require­ments and their con­tinuous com­mitment to suggest business and tech­nical improve­ments.”

Marcel Chiriac, CIO

Bucharest, Romania

If you’re thinking of out­sourcing Heaven Solu­tions is a very good choice. They are pro­fes­sional, focused; the solu­tions offered to our web devel­opment project were not just great, they were exe­cuted incredibly fast. Heaven Solu­tions are dependable responsive to our requests and sug­ges­tions. They are not only tal­ented when it comes to web devel­opment; they also truly listen to the cus­tomer.”

Narcis Hutanu, Project Manager

Globe Foundation
Vancouver, Canada
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I was pos­i­tively sur­prised by the tech­nical skills of the team at Heaven Solu­tions. These skills, as well as project man­agement ones are always dif­ficult to control when out­sourcing. Do not expect such dif­fi­culties with Heaven Solu­tions; They delivered the project on time, def­i­nitely meeting the quality bench­marks. Thanks guys.”

Ludovic Renoult, Consultant

Triple Lootz , SEO and web marketing agency in the Landes
Hossegor, France

Heaven Solu­tions is very com­petent with website devel­opment and pro­gramming. They are kind, responsive, hard-working, and per­se­vering, the kind of people you would like not only to be working with but also to have as friends.”

Dr. Thomas R. Giles, Director

Westside Behavioral Care
Denver, USA

Cristian joined us in the middle of a somewhat messy project, and has been the central pillar during the ongoing devel­opment of our e-com­merce website. His flex­i­bility and ded­i­cation to meeting dead­lines has allowed us to grow and reach success. We are now in a much better position! Thank you Cristian!”

John Townes, Senior Solution Architect

Bondi Junction, Australia
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Securenet Systems has been col­lab­o­rating with Heaven Solu­tions for many years on various back-end as well as client-facing projects. Their entire staff is extremely knowl­edgeable, lever­aging current and emerging tech­nologies for a true end-to-end solution design and imple­men­tation. From expert rec­om­men­da­tions to timely and budget-con­scious deliv­eries, we’ve come to trust Heaven Solu­tions for enter­prise-level appli­cation devel­opment and systems inte­gra­tions. I whole­heartedly rec­ommend Cristian Micliuc and his team for any size project.”

Kerry Brewer, Executive Director

Securenet Systems

Nordic Climate Fes­tival Aalto, one of the main events of Finnish pres­i­dency of the Nordic Council of Min­isters in 2011, was happy to use the ser­vices of Heaven Solu­tions for sending a webcast from our two half-day open events in August-Sep­tember 2011 through our fes­tival web-page. We were very pleased with Heaven Solu­tions’ pro­fes­sional and friendly service and on the quality of the webcast and would highly rec­ommend them to help you to share your events online.”

Simo Haanpää, Coordinator

NCF Aalto
Espoo, Finland

Having worked with Heaven Solu­tions on critical urgent projects, I can hon­estly rec­ommend them to anyone looking for a solid and credible pro­grammer. They worked well with our free­lance core team. It is a sadly rare to find, but I am glad we did.”


Alexa Emmane, Director

DHP Freelance IT Solutions
London, United Kingdom

Out­sourcing can be a nightmare if both ‘in’ and ‘out-house’ teams don’t gel. Our Tech­ni­cians have worked with Heaven Solu­tions on various projects over the past year and they have a pretty unique gift in that they seam­lessly manage to inte­grate as a natural extension of our in-house team. It’s almost as if they’re within hands reach.”

Warren Wysocki, Director

London, United Kingdom