Business need

Bingli is a telemedical service with a focus on dynamic patient history and patient planning. As the company grows and the patient pop­u­lation grows, Bingli faces the need to scale its ser­vices and automate its manual tasks more. Here Heaven Solu­tions was involved in the devel­opment of a highly scalable noti­fi­cation module that is able to schedule daily noti­fi­ca­tions.

Our solution

Our team has developed a custom noti­fi­cation planner that is highly exten­sible and can be easily inte­grated into any broker noti­fi­cation system. The module is able to process large amounts of noti­fi­ca­tions with the help of a message broker, with each task being planned per­sis­tently with the help of Hangfire, thus ensuring that noti­fi­ca­tions received are not lost.



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Tech­nologies used:
.NET Core
Entity Framework

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