Cloud com­puting is a dis­rup­tive tech­nology that opened new oppor­tu­ni­ties to small or large busi­nesses. In short terms, the cloud can be defined as a scal­able and flex­ible shared com­puting solu­tion in which third-party sup­pliers use dif­ferent tech­nolo­gies to create and dis­tribute com­puting resources to cus­tomers on-demand. At Heaven Solu­tion, we have highly trained talents with expe­ri­ence in using all cloud ser­vices from IaaS and PaaS to SaaS. With the help of our archi­tects, ana­lysts, devel­opers and testers we can offer quality cloud strate­gies that can boost your busi­ness overnight. Our main expe­ri­ence is related to the private cloud where we are offering custom solu­tions with the focus on man­age­ment, control, and secu­rity. We have been working with dif­ferent cloud providers such as Azure, Google App Engine, and Amazon Web Ser­vices. The off­shore service from Romania offered by Heaven Solu­tions can inte­grate cloud solu­tions into your busi­ness including sen­si­tive appli­ca­tions or bursty work­loads that must be scal­able on-demand. 

Tech­nolo­gies: Redis, Rab­bitMQ, Azure, Amazon Cloud, Docker, Vagrant

Case studies: 

  • Ana­lytics for medical equipment
  • Connect Appli­ca­tion
  • Edu­ca­tion courses project in Finland
  • Soft­ware Testing & Development

Cristian Micliuc

CEO & Founder