Our story

In the first few years of the mil­lennium, it became obvious that the need for IT ser­vices is increasing expo­nen­tially. A market for com­petent IT com­panies able to fully under­stand cus­tomers needs, and com­mitted to the highest standard of ser­vices created a highly com­pet­itive industry. At the same time, large IT projects in other indus­tries failed and mil­lions of Euros were wasted because of the knowledge gap between IT and Business. At this point, I realised that I can fill in this gap and make a dif­ference in the industry. As soon as I grad­uated in 2005 from the faculty of Com­puter Science, I founded my own company and this is how Heaven Solu­tions was born.

Since I have started this journey as a one-man company, we have come a long way. Major chal­lenges such as oper­a­tional activ­ities, sales, recruitment of premium employees as well as the foun­dation of a company culture, have not only taught me a lot about oper­a­tional processes but also about myself.

Today, Heaven Solu­tions is a team of inno­v­ative and expe­ri­enced IT and Business pro­fes­sionals, with Master and Bachelor degrees as well as inter­na­tional cer­ti­fi­ca­tions. Our heart and core foun­dation of the company have always been our people. They are what makes Heaven Solu­tions a com­petent partner in a long-term rela­tionship to align IT with Business and deliver com­pet­itive and inno­v­ative solu­tions to this ever-changing business envi­ronment.

It will be our honour and priv­ilege to become your partner and provide you with a new com­pet­itive and cus­tomised business solution adapted to the newest tech­nologies and latest mul­ti­media mar­keting tools.

Cristian Micliuc


Cristian Micliuc

CEO & Founder