COVID-19 Support

The  COVID-19 pan­demic is the defining global health crisis of our time .

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, Heaven Solu­tions, in col­lab­o­ration with CyLiis, decided to create 250 pro­tective visors for medical facil­ities.
The advan­tages of a pro­tective visor are its dura­bility, they can be worn an unlimited number of times, they can be easily cleaned after use and they prevent the wearer from touching his face.

We have also sup­ported Casa Share with dona­tions and we are open for further Com­munity support.
Special thanks to the young­sters at CyLiis for their example of how they com­bined passion with work and helped for the benefit of the com­munity.