Business need

Doccura is a telemed­icine service founded in 2015 in Ingol­stadt, Germany. With a steady growth over the past few years, the company was on a good path forward before the coro­n­avirus crisis. With the pan­demic came a sig­nif­icant increase in the number of reg­is­tered users, pri­marily doctors, on the website.

This, in turn, led to the necessity of scaling their ser­vices at an accel­erated pace with ref­erence to their original timeline. The old scaling plans were replaced by chal­lenges in the short term. The company rec­og­nized the need for external help.

Our solution

Heaven Solu­tions delivered the sketches of a solid plan for future growth. The client now has a clearer under­standing of where they are and where they need to be. Ulti­mately, deci­sions related to any imple­men­tation rest with Doccura, but the company now has access to the nec­essary tools to make an informed decision, to identify and under­stand processes, develop test plans and bring it all together.


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Tech­nologies used:
Camunda BPMN

  • Ana­lytics for medical equipment
  • Connect Appli­cation
  • Improvement of a medical appli­cation
  • Software Testing & Devel­opment
  • Doccura
  • Bingli