With the birth of the internet, eCom­merce has sig­nif­i­cantly changed the way we shop. The requirement of being phys­i­cally present to conduct a trade is no longer a nec­essary factor. Every­thing can be sold and bought online and with this, the advancement of the IT industry is con­tin­u­ously trans­forming the physical market into an online based reality. 

Cryp­tocur­rencies such as bitcoin, same day deliv­eries, 3D printing and even aug­mented real­ities are current drivers that might have a further big influence on the way we conduct business. Only looking at the number of mobile phones and tablets that are used by con­sumers demon­strates the change in pur­chasing pat­terns. It is, therefore, sig­nif­icant for organ­i­sa­tions to be cus­tomer-centric in this new driven envi­ronment where tech­nology is the driver and major dif­fer­en­tiator.

Fur­thermore, busi­nesses are required to inte­grate new business models that allow their web plat­forms to seam­lessly connect various internal business processes and increase their speed, com­mu­ni­cation, and vis­i­bility.

Heaven Solu­tions has been working with e-com­merce providers to transform their cus­tomer ser­vices into a more con­sumer friendly expe­rience while improving process effi­ciency.


Case studies:

  • Lan­guage School eCom­merce app
  • eCom­merce platform

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager