eCommerce platform

Business need

One of our cus­tomers wanted to help offline busi­nesses to get into the online com­merce market. Building a fully func­tioning eCom­merce solution without pre­vious expe­rience and tech­nical knowledge is not easy. There was a demand in the market for a platform that could help anyone to build their own eCom­merce appli­cation.

Our solution

For our cus­tomer, we built a web platform that allowed offline busi­nesses without any prior expe­rience regarding eCom­merce to build their own online store and sell their products. We not only created a simple and user-friendly platform with pow­erful fea­tures but we helped more busi­nesses to get online and have more vis­i­bility and tools to promote their products. The delivered platform was also the winner of the eCom­merce Gala in the cat­egory “domestic target market”.


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