Edu­cation is the very core pillar of any global economy, allowing indi­viduals to con­tin­u­ously add and improve their knowledge and skills, helping society to steadily advance. With the enhancement of the IT industry, edu­cation has trans­formed the learning envi­ronment into an inter­na­tional driven enlight­ening expe­rience.

It not only allows indi­viduals to save money but also improves pro­duc­tivity with smart learning appli­ca­tions, turning learning into a fun expe­rience. Fur­thermore, indi­viduals have the oppor­tunity to access infor­mation whenever they want, from wherever they are and col­lab­orate with peers from all around the world. 

According to PWC in their pub­li­cation, Lever­aging Tech­nology in Edu­cation: “Our research indi­cated that the evo­lution into the future state is expected to occur when tech­nology is inte­grated into the social fabric of the edu­ca­tional process and all stakeholders—teachers, admin­is­tration, and parents—are invested in the enhancement of the current edu­ca­tional system by lever­aging tech­nology in the classroom. To that end, a recon­sid­er­ation of current tech­nology invest­ments to “smarter solu­tions” should be under­taken and meager resources freed up to be appro­pri­ately deployed” (2014).

Our role

The Finnish edu­cation system has been con­stantly rated as global no. 1. Over the years Heaven Solutions’s team was involved in various projects for both public and private Finnish edu­cation providers. Our team from Iasi, Romania has pro­vided IT out­sourcing ser­vices to leverage the use of cloud and mobile devices in today’s learning envi­ronment. Fur­thermore, Heaven Solu­tions fol­lowed the request of our clients and sent IT con­sul­tants to work with our cus­tomers in Helsinki and Turku, Finland in order to ensure the suc­cessful project devel­opment and delivery. 

Heaven Solu­tions pro­vided edu­cation solu­tions for German market as well. Our client in Frankfurt used our expertise for cre­ating a new service for courses pro­curement and indi­vidual training.

Case studies:

  • Edu­cation courses project in Finland
  • Share­Point deployment in Turku Univ.
  • Lan­guage School eCom­merce app

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager