Efficient Billing Solutions Empowered by SAP Integration

Busi­ness problem

A global leader in the retail industry, oper­ated with a large-scale, mono­lithic billing system, which posed sig­nif­i­cant chal­lenges for the company. The system was not only out­dated and rigid, but also strug­gled to manage the volume and com­plexity of trans­ac­tions due to the com­pa­ny’s global expan­sion and an increas­ingly diverse product portfolio.

One major issue was han­dling and aggre­gating massive amounts of data from mul­tiple sources. The existing billing system could not process this data effi­ciently, causing delays in billing cycles and leading to cus­tomer dis­sat­is­fac­tion. Fur­ther­more, the system was highly inflex­ible, making it hard to intro­duce new func­tion­al­i­ties or adapt to changing busi­ness requirements.

System down­time was another big issue. An error in one part of the system would often cause the entire system to crash, resulting in costly service disruptions.

Another major pain point was the frag­mented soft­ware land­scape. Employees had to work with mul­tiple solu­tions for dif­ferent tasks, which was not only inef­fi­cient, but also led to data discrepancies.

Addi­tion­ally, the company had recently imple­mented SAP for various busi­ness processes. However, the billing system was incom­pat­ible with SAP, resulting in dis­jointed data and inef­fi­cient operations.

Our solu­tion

To over­come these chal­lenges, our client embarked on a digital trans­for­ma­tion journey. The plan was to replace the mono­lithic archi­tec­ture of their billing system with a more flex­ible, scal­able, and reli­able microser­vices archi­tec­ture, while also inte­grating it with their SAP system.

They chose us as a partner in this journey mostly because of our exten­sive expe­ri­ence in microser­vices and SAP inte­gra­tion. The project was exe­cuted in the fol­lowing phases:

Dis­covery & Design

A thor­ough busi­ness and tech­nical analysis was con­ducted to under­stand the spe­cific needs of the busi­ness. A microser­vices-based archi­tec­ture was designed, with each billing com­po­nent (invoice gen­er­a­tion, payment pro­cessing, dis­counts cal­cu­la­tion, etc.) envi­sioned as a sep­a­rate, loosely-coupled service. The system was also designed to aggre­gate data from mul­tiple sources efficiently.

Devel­op­ment & Integration

Each microser­vice was devel­oped using agile method­olo­gies, allowing for rapid, iter­a­tive progress. RESTful APIs were used to enable com­mu­ni­ca­tion between ser­vices and with external data sources. Each microser­vice was designed to be inde­pen­dently deploy­able and scal­able, cre­ating a highly robust and flex­ible system. SAP inte­gra­tion was done using SAP’s Cloud Plat­form Inte­gra­tion Suite (CPI), enabling seam­less data flow between SAP and the new billing system, uni­fying all busi­ness processes.

Testing & Deployment

Rig­orous testing was con­ducted to ensure that each microser­vice func­tioned inde­pen­dently and in harmony with others. They were then deployed in the cloud for scal­a­bility and reliability.

Con­tin­uous Improve­ment & Monitoring

Post-deploy­ment, con­tin­uous mon­i­toring was estab­lished using DevOps prac­tices to iden­tify and fix issues promptly, ensuring minimal down­time and optimal performance.


The tran­si­tion to a microser­vices-based archi­tec­ture and SAP inte­gra­tion pro­vided for our client a flex­ible, robust, and effi­cient billing system capable of han­dling large volumes of data from various sources. The solu­tion sig­nif­i­cantly improved the billing cycle speed and accu­racy, enhancing cus­tomer satisfaction.

The inte­gra­tion of mul­tiple solu­tions into a single plat­form elim­i­nated the need for employees to work with mul­tiple systems, improving their pro­duc­tivity and reducing data discrepancies.

The SAP inte­gra­tion further stream­lined oper­a­tions, making data from the billing system readily avail­able for various busi­ness processes, which sig­nif­i­cantly improved oper­a­tional efficiency.

Overall, this trans­for­ma­tion not only addressed client imme­diate billing system chal­lenges but also pro­vided them with a future-proof, scal­able plat­form capable of meeting their growing busi­ness needs.


Do you want to know more about the project? Please do not hes­i­tate to get in touch with us.


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