Entertainment & eCommerce platform

Business need

One of our cus­tomers wanted to promote jazz music artists over the internet to create a rich user expe­rience for all music lovers. The existing website needed a change in design strategy in order to be more user ori­ented, with content opti­mized for smart­phone and tablets. Because of an old platform, we sug­gested upgrading the existing platform that sup­ports dif­ferent fea­tures such as SEO support, trans­lation widgets, and cus­tomizable tem­plates. Fur­thermore, our cus­tomer wanted to have e-com­merce support for the new platform that will help selling music in digital format and other products.

Our solution

We pro­posed a new design that will increase the site usability in order for the user to find easily what they are looking for. Moreover, we inte­grated existing radio sta­tions in order to access music libraries and offer an on-demand music and per­son­alized jazz expe­rience.

By adding metadata and microdata on the artist and albums entities we increased the SEO opti­mization of the website. We restruc­tured the infor­mation on the website with the emphasis on pro­viding a clean and easy user expe­rience. As a result, the traffic con­version has been sig­nif­i­cantly increased. By upgrading the existing platform to Word­Press, we made it pos­sible to inte­grate other fea­tures such as e-com­merce. Beside selling music in digital format, we inte­grated Amazon ser­vices in order for our cus­tomer to promote existing Amazon products on his website and increase the number of potential buyers.


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