The mass media has changed sig­nif­i­cantly upon the arrival of the internet and its leverage by other tech­nolo­gies. According to Deloitte, Media com­pa­nies need to be ready for new eco­nomic models as the demand by con­sumers is dras­ti­cally picking up pace, getting access to content anytime, anywhere. 

Video and Music ori­ented busi­nesses are only some of the players in the mass media enter­tain­ment industry who need to re-eval­uate their mar­keting cam­paigns and brand posi­tioning to suc­cess­fully engage with their cus­tomers in a market of tech­no­log­ical inno­va­tion. Media com­pa­nies need to tran­si­tion into a more direct-to-con­sumer world that will make them face many new challenges. 

According to PWC, existing capa­bil­i­ties need to be changed and repo­si­tioned to leverage content devel­op­ment, user insights, digital dis­tri­b­u­tion, fan man­age­ment, and mobile adver­tising sales, as well as app design, data science, and new busi­ness models. A major require­ment will be based on sus­tained lead­er­ship and greater invest­ment in content, tech­nology, and expe­ri­ence. Con­sid­ering the unimag­in­ably fast clock speed in enter­tain­ment and media today, E&M com­pa­nies cannot afford any delay (2016).

Heaven Solu­tions has been pro­viding various com­pa­nies with improved music, radio and video process imple­men­ta­tions, allowing them to catch cus­tomers attention. 

Case studies: 

  • Streaming soft­ware
  • Enter­tain­ment & eCom­merce platform

Cristian Micliuc

CEO & Founder