George Presura - Software Development Expert in Romania & US

George Presura

Head of US operations

With more than 15 years of expe­rience in Com­puter Science, George has pol­ished his know-how in many chal­lenging projects. His passion is problem-solving while he retains the skill to express himself in a lan­guage that business people with a non-IT back­ground can easily under­stand. If he is not busy working his way around new projects he likes to go hiking, allowing him to balance the fast moving tech­no­logical sector with the beauty and peace mother nature has to offer.  


Head of US Oper­a­tions

  • Masters in Arti­ficial Intel­li­gence at “Dunarea de Jos” Uni­versity in Galati, Romania
  • Bachelor degree in Com­puter Science at “Dunarea de Jos” Uni­versity in Galati, Romania
  • Over 15 years of appli­ca­tions devel­opment, business con­sulting and IT inte­gration
  • Sea­soned in various pro­gramming lan­guages, oper­ating systems and net­working infra­struc­tures
  • Expert in infor­mation systems security and dis­tributed systems