Fleet Service Operations

Busi­ness need

Our cus­tomer was an oil company that wanted to help com­pa­nies with car fleets to keep better track of their expenses and at the same time offer flex­i­bility for the drivers to get fuel without paying.

Our solu­tion

We helped our cus­tomer to con­sol­i­date his Fill&Go solu­tion in order to offer a better service to his clients that have car fleets. Fill&Go system offered the pos­si­bility to buy gas on credit, get accu­rate reports, graphics and analysis regarding the quan­tity of gas in the tank, type of gas, date and hour, car plate, miles trav­eled and for how many hours the engine was running. More­over, the system manages the vehicle fleets and inte­grates with other enter­prise systems.


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Oil & Gas

SQL Server

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