According to a report of the United Nations, the world pop­u­lation is expected to rise by 1 billion people by 2025. Tech­nology has become a driver of change and a potential solution to healthcare’s resource problems. The private sector is an appealing health partner because of its ability to bring inno­vation and improved effi­ciency.

With advanced ana­lytic tools for more precise patient diag­nosis and disease detection, health systems can achieve greater value in clinical ser­vices, more patient, adherence and better out­comes. But for tech­nology to be effective at off­setting the human resource shortage, it has to be easy for busy pro­fes­sionals to use and produce reliable results. (PWC, 2016). 

Therefore, the intro­duction of state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment allow firms to make a sig­nif­icant con­tri­bution to the individual’s overall quality of life. 

Having worked with global medical equipment man­u­fac­turers and treatment centers, Heaven Solu­tions is actively par­tic­i­pating in the improvement and inno­vation of new, ground­breaking tech­nologies. With its pro­fes­sional team located in Iasi, Romania Heaven Solu­tions has the capa­bility to offer quality IT out­sourcing ser­vices in the healthcare industry.


Case studies:

  • Ana­lytics for medical equipment
  • Connect Appli­cation
  • Improvement of a medical appli­cation
  • Software Testing & Devel­opment
  • Doccura
  • Bingli

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager