Career Event

On 1st of July 2016 Heaven Solu­tions par­tic­i­pated at the career event orga­nized by the Faculty of Com­puter Science in Iasi. It’s an annual event which aims to connect stu­dents of the Faculty and IT com­panies searching for new talents. 

From our team Nicu-Cosmin Ursache, our R&D Manager, and I, Eka­terina Abrakhova, Researcher, rep­re­sented Heaven Solu­tions at the event. We think that this kind of career events are very useful and mutually ben­e­ficial both for stu­dents of the Faculty and for IT com­panies.

We briefly intro­duced our company and pre­sented career oppor­tu­nities that we offer for stu­dents.

In our pre­sen­tation we empha­sized that we are always wel­coming new talents, people who are pas­sionate about IT and eager to learn more. We have posi­tions both for interns and fresh grad­uates.

During the coffee break we had an oppor­tunity to talk to stu­dents in person and they asked the ques­tions in a more informal atmos­phere. Career events give the stu­dents a chance to learn more about com­panies, their busi­nesses, assess if the company meets their career expec­ta­tions and picture them­selves at their dream job. Moreover the oppor­tunity to talk to a company rep­re­sen­tative in an informal way helps stu­dents to feel more free and open like in a con­ver­sation com­paring to formal job inter­views when some stu­dents might feel inter­ro­gated.

After the pre­sen­ta­tions during the social part of the event many stu­dents approached us, asked ques­tions, told us what they study and what career paths they are pur­suing. It was very refreshing to see new faces and who knows maybe some of them will be our new col­leagues in the nearest future. Stu­dents left their CVs and we are cur­rently care­fully con­sid­ering each one of them. 

If you missed this event for some reason but still would like to get noticed by our HR team please don’t hes­itate to drop us a line at or send us a message on our Facebook page Facebook/