MDM Conference

Fol­lowing our culture and one of our values, Kaizen, con­tinuous learning is meant and encouraged for everybody.

This month, from 6th until 9th Feb­ruary, our sales team from North America attended the Medtech Con­ference for design and man­u­fac­turing in Anaheim, Cal­i­fornia. Is where the largest col­lection of cutting-edge tech­nologies are to be found, an annual event where all the par­tic­i­pants bring valuable industry-based solu­tions that can present potential improve­ments for medical devices. We could not have missed the oppor­tunity to be in the middle of all the action and see how the inno­vation meets cre­ativity to bring major future ben­efits for the company. Not to mention the expertise we get in order to stay ahead for current cus­tomers and be pro­vided with new leads for future exciting projects.

On behalf of Heaven Solu­tions, our team, Iuliu Farkas and George Presura, had two main objec­tives upon their par­tic­i­pating. As part of building new part­ner­ships, engaging and con­necting with medical industry pro­fes­sionals leaves us with insights on how we can further tackle the business activ­ities. On the other hand, given the learning envi­ronment, the oppor­tunity fell on upgrading knowledge with the latest nov­elties and notice how the smart tech­nology devel­op­ments can change the tra­jectory of our company.

What gave us some sale thoughts revolve around the pos­si­bil­ities we can explore with the knowledge and work within the orga­ni­zation. The con­tri­bution we present, besides being an answer to today’s business problems, has also the potential to declare a suc­cessful business outcome due to the responses for certain require­ments, be centric to the industry and isolate con­cerns to focus on the result. And, since we have been proven numerous times that deliv­ering business value, we are indeed one step away from achieving more.

It is not a ques­tions of wonders, but a matter of purpose put into practice!