Heaven Solutions’ investment in building robots and raising the community

As part of our social out­reach ini­tia­tive and in accor­dance with our guiding prin­ci­ples, Heaven Solu­tions is the major sponsor for two robotics teams, CyLiis and Peppers. This support is espe­cially sig­nif­i­cant since the teams’ members are some of Iasi’s brightest high school stu­dents. They strive for success and are con­tin­u­ously engaged in preparing for various com­pe­ti­tions, the main event being the First Tech Chal­lenge (FTC).

Every year, the First Tech Chal­lenge (FTC) com­pe­ti­tion has a dif­ferent theme, and the con­tes­tants are faced with new challenges.

CyLiis and Peppers, our favorite teams at the First Tech Chal­lenge, have taken the time to present us their robots.

Link for the FTC theme this year> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsitvZ0JaDc

The Peppers robot’s design process began at the Quantum Kickathon, a hackathon event that kicked off the season last Sep­tember; in a sus­tain­able approach, they have reused the parts from last year’s robot to create a simple system with an ele­vator that posi­tions the cones to put them on the poles. The Peppers robot stood assem­bled by five mech­a­nisms: the chassis, the tongs, the ele­vator, the arm, and the pole funnel.

CyLiis had an inno­v­a­tive strategy for robot building, as well as member training. Their robot focuses on two mech­a­nisms: an ele­vator that uses sliders and a Double Reverse 4. It has a 3D-printed claw with two sil­i­cone molds attached to the ends that grips the cone auto­mat­i­cally using a dis­tance sensor. 

However, both approaches are very similar in effect and suc­cessful in com­pleting the task.

Heaven Solu­tions’ major con­tri­bu­tion con­sti­tuted of pro­viding the resources to acquire new tools and mate­rials; that enabled these bright young minds to develop their ideas and improve the robots. There­fore, we con­sider our role as spon­sors is fun­da­mental in shaping CyLiis and Peppers as teams and achieving their goals.

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