We rebuilt a Robotic Lab

Heaven Solu­tions ren­o­vated from scratch an old classroom and together with CyLiis pupils and teachers trans­formed it in a Robotic Lab.

Moreover Heaven Solu­tions involves actively every year in sup­plying the lab with con­sum­ables and other levels of support for par­tic­i­pation in internal and inter­na­tional con­tests. 

On the spot we enjoyed the presence of the mayor, the guests from the edu­ca­tional inspec­torate and the local council, but most of all the children, who wel­comed us with their warm smiles.

The project itself and its support has been and remains close to our belief that the future will increas­ingly include robotics and AI in everyday life, com­bined with great con­fi­dence in the potential of the younger gen­er­a­tions of stu­dents.

We are wit­nessing a strong trend of automation and robo­t­i­zation of all aspects of life and we think this is just a step to start an alignment with other coun­tries that take this seri­ously, from the ear­liest stages of youth edu­cation.

We were sur­prised by the deter­mi­nation, intel­li­gence and passion wherewith these children bring per­for­mance to their high school.

Stu­dents pas­sionate about robotics and arti­ficial intel­li­gence in Iasi can develop their knowledge at orga­nized work­shops. The work­shops help stu­dents who are moving in this direction by com­pleting software-based infor­mation in the cur­riculum.