Internet radio streaming software

Business need

One of our cus­tomers in the enter­tainment industry wanted to have an internet radio streaming appli­cation which is easy to install, con­figure, upgrade and run on all Windows oper­ating system ver­sions. They were looking for a partner who can develop appli­cation thus allowing them to focus more on business instead of dealing with software issues them­selves.

Our solution

We developed an internet radio streaming software com­posed of 2 ded­i­cated solu­tions: a Windows service and a Windows con­fig­u­ration appli­cation for that service. The service was respon­sible for cap­turing the audio signal from various sources, encoding it using a plug-in based encoding library and pushing the stream to an Internet-based broad­casting service for redis­tri­b­ution. The con­fig­u­ration appli­cation allowed users to con­figure and monitor various oper­a­tions of the service, through a real-time TCP/IP com­mu­ni­cation channel. We also developed some fea­tures that allowed the client to record audio streams based on a schedule, upload the recording to an FTP server, capture and push Data Code Squelch to and from various sources in order to move his focus on business side instead of dealing with tech­nical aspects.


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