Internship Automation Tester

What will you do?

  • Learn how to create test sce­narios and test cases for auto­mated tests;
  • Learn how to inves­ti­gate errors in soft­ware and report in a Bug Tracking tools;
  • Follow the reported bugs evo­lu­tion until they are fixed and make the final verification;
  • Install, update and keep track of soft­ware version;
  • Follow the internal pro­ce­dures during the project life cycle;
  • Propose improve­ments to the existing soft­ware and brain­storm for new product ideas;


Why are you a good fit?

  • You are studying Com­puter Science or Infor­ma­tion Tech­nology, ETTI, etc.
  • You have will and ability to acquire new knowledge;
  • You enjoy working with new/upcoming technology;
  • You have general IT skills;
  • You are a team player, have atten­tion to details and good com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills;
  • You have the ability to focus and achieve a goal;
  • You have advanced level of written and spoken English;


What do we offer?

  • Our work envi­ron­ment allows you to strengthen your knowl­edge by con­stantly practicing;
  • Don’t worry, the team will lend you a hand anytime while firmly deter­mine you to find your own style of working that best con­tributes to the business;
  • You’ll come across a flex­ible work envi­ron­ment, relaxed but very agile, prone to new challenges;
  • We have the most com­fort­able shoes to wear. No shoes really!


We share the same vision:

  • If we didn’t, then we won’t be able to work as a team;
  • It’s impor­tant to have the same goal and under­stand each other to better help our team;
  • We carry our values every­where: We do com­mu­ni­cate openly and directly to estab­lish trust among us. We also want to con­tin­u­ously improve our­selves and together, to deliver value as a team.


Come and meet us!

Our office is on Sfantul Petru Movila Street, Nr 42, Iasi.

Take this challenge and send your CV at