Are you looking for a highly com­mitted and trust­worthy out­sourcing partner who can get the job done? Don’t look any further — Heaven Solu­tions is a company with inno­v­ative and expe­ri­enced people with an IT and business back­ground that can align your IT needs with business require­ments by redesigning and cus­tomizing your appli­ca­tions and processes using the latest tech­nologies. Based on your needs we can offer both onsite and off-shore support pro­viding you with a per­son­alized solution.

Outsource your IT services with Heaven Solutions

Smart Out­sourcing

Despite its uni­versal appli­cation, many firms are still hes­itant when it comes to trans­ferring in-house processes and respon­si­bil­ities to third parties. We at Heaven Solu­tions fully under­stand this and are ded­i­cated to making your service expe­rience more than sat­is­fying. 

Key aspects:

  • Involving the right people in terms of skills, expe­rience, and cre­ativity who have an R&D mindset for each indi­vidual project
  • Using all nec­essary resources in order to enhance factors such as cost and time as well as an optimal balance between on-site and remote pro­fes­sionals
  • Imple­menting smart Q&A processes to guar­antee cus­tomer sat­is­faction of the project delivery 
  • Dis­playing and com­mu­ni­cating trans­parency of the entire process

Service Design

Potential service oppor­tu­nities or already existing ser­vices, we not only offer to transform your idea into a business tool but also help you to improve your current offerings. Our ultimate goal is to deliver ser­vices that are useful, usable, desirable, effi­cient and effective. 

Key activ­ities:

  • Analyse and Identify Key Per­for­mance Indi­cators
  • Model making
  • Planning resources, time and budget
  • Pro­to­typing service products
  • Pro­to­typing customer/user expe­rience
  • Business pro­to­typing
  • Agile devel­opment


Pro­viding of IT/Business Pro­fes­sionals

Heaven solu­tions can support you with expe­ri­enced IT & Business pro­fes­sionals in-house. Our col­leagues can help you and your business in two ways: project and time based. They are T-shaped pro­fes­sionals with IT and business expertise who possess splendid social skills in order to accom­modate and inte­grate them­selves easily into existing teams. At Heaven Solu­tions, English is the official company lan­guage. Nev­er­theless, all employees attend reg­u­larly other lan­guage courses to optimize our service and strengthen the rela­tionship with our clients.


IT Projects

We do not provide you with stan­dardised ser­vices but with per­son­alised end-to-end solu­tions. The team of Heaven Solu­tions con­sists of inter­na­tional pro­fes­sionals who are oper­ating across Europe and the US. Our global presence allows us to transfer knowledge and strengthen the col­lab­o­ration of our work­force with inhouse-spe­cialists of our clients. Small-medium enter­prises or large firms, our flexible business approach allows us to deal with projects of various sizes. To suc­cess­fully guar­antee sat­is­fying cus­tomer service, we combine on-site inte­gration with off-site support.