Embedded programming

Low-level pro­gram­ming con­sists of a set of APIs and pro­ce­dures that can offer support to send instruc­tions directly to com­puting hard­ware like CPUs and GPUs. This improves the way of how hard­ware resources are used at max poten­tial in order to deliver improved speed per­for­mance and good user experience.

Appro­priate usage of low-level pro­gram­ming capa­bil­i­ties means better man­age­ment of how the source code of appli­ca­tions is dis­trib­uted, par­al­lelized and exe­cuted in the unit of time. Also, a proper imple­men­ta­tion of low-level pro­gram­ming algo­rithms will ensure a good ratio between the nec­es­sary and avail­able hard­ware resources. Our cus­tomers who need to out­source projects in order to get a per­for­mance analysis and per­for­mance improve­ments can be helped by Heaven Solu­tions team of skilled pro­fes­sionals from Romania to deliver off­shore low-level per­for­mance services.

Tech­nolo­gies: C/C++, OpenCL, CUDA, Intel Inte­grated Per­for­mance Primitives

Case studies: 

  • Streaming soft­ware
  • Improve­ment of a medical application
  • Soft­ware Testing & Development

Cristian Micliuc

CEO & Founder