Methodologies and Project Management

Project Man­agement is the dis­ci­pline of ini­ti­ating, orga­nizing, directing and con­trolling the work involved in a given project. It was developed as means of man­aging the factors that influence the outcome of a suc­cessful project: the scope, the time­frame, the quality and the cost. 

Heaven Solu­tions team has adopted an Agile per­spective on project man­agement in order to provide our cus­tomers key ben­efits like freedom to change requests during the devel­opment period, effi­cient com­mu­ni­cation between cus­tomer rep­re­sen­ta­tives and our project team (testers, devel­opers, project man­agers), mul­tiple iter­a­tions with inter­me­diary deliv­eries and others. Our team of pro­fes­sionals from Romania has expe­rience working with Scrum and Kanban method­ologies in order to deliver quality Off­shore out­sourcing projects.

Tech­nologies: AGILE, Scrum, Kanban, con­tinuous inte­gration, design pat­terns

Case studies: 

  • Internet radio streaming software
  • Real Estate website on a desktop device - Web Outsourcing
    Real Estate Website
  • Connect Application on Android device - IT Outsourcing Projects
    Connect Appli­cation
  • UK Parliament process digitalization - IT Outsourcing Projects
    UK Par­liament process dig­i­tal­ization
  • Fleet Service Operations - IT Outsourcing Projects
    Fleet Service Oper­a­tions
  • SharePoint deployment in Turku University (Finland)
    Share­Point deployment in Turku Uni­versity (Finland)
Andreea Melinte - Chief Operating Officer in Romania

Andreea Melinte

Chief Operating Officer

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Andreea Melinte