Mobile appli­cation devel­opment is the set of processes and pro­ce­dures involved in writing software for small, wireless com­puting devices such as smart­phones, tablets, smart­watches and other wear­ables. In some ways, mobile appli­cation devel­opment is similar to Web appli­cation devel­opment and has its roots in more tra­di­tional software devel­opment. One dif­ference is that mobile appli­ca­tions are often written to take advantage of the sensors that a mobile device has such as accelerometer, light, GPS etc. Latest trends in mobile appli­cation devel­opment are that a mobile phone is not only a smart­phone but more like a per­sonal assistant. And to obtain this behaviour every mobile appli­cation that runs on a mobile phone needs to be properly designed and developed to offer rel­evant and cus­tomized infor­mation to the user. Heaven Solu­tions Romania has a ded­i­cated team with the scope of mobile appli­cation devel­opment. The team it is com­posed of Android devel­opers, iOS devel­opers, testers, archi­tects and UX devel­opers.

Tech­nologies: Android, iOS, Cordova, Tizen, Windows Phone

Case studies: 

  • Connect Appli­cation
  • UK Par­liament process dig­i­tal­ization
  • Doccura
  • Bingli

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager