Oil & Gas

The energy industry is a crucial aspect of the world’s economy. The world pop­u­lation is con­tin­u­ously growing but projects such as oil, gas, coal and nuclear require a rather long lead time. According to PWC, the demand for energy will increase, con­fronting energy sup­pliers with critical factors of reg­u­la­tions, safety, and envi­ron­mental con­cerns. Fur­thermore, due to social and eco­nomic impacts, com­panies are pres­sured to improve their effi­ciency to not only achieve greater cost com­pet­i­tiveness but also an out­standing level of envi­ron­mental per­for­mance (Deloitte, 2015). 

Lever­aging the latest tech­nology is, therefore essential for energy com­panies to increase their effi­ciency and analyse their per­for­mance. All in all, util­ities need to be much more focused on sus­tainable devel­opment com­pared with the past. This is majorly due to political, social, eco­nomic and tech­no­logical changes. The world is changing and with that, we also need to adapt our way of thinking. Finally, the ability to be flexible to change is key in this trans­forming and inno­v­ative business envi­ronment.

Heaven Solu­tions has been working closely with a major player in the Romanian Oil & Gas industry, helping them to introduce a fleet oper­ation system. 


Case studies:

  • Fleet Service Oper­a­tions

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager