Performance analytics for medical equipment

Business chal­lenge

Our cus­tomer is a company that man­u­fac­tures medical equipment. It was really important for our client to monitor equipment per­for­mance and offer software updates or support to their end users. End users of the equipment are spread all over the world using dif­ferent ver­sions of hardware and software. Therefore it was a chal­lenge for our client to offer support, hardware and software updates under these cir­cum­stances.

Our solution

We have created a platform that col­lects, stores and run ana­lytics for log mes­sages gen­erated by the medical equipment. The dif­fi­culty was that we had to work with unstruc­tured mes­sages that in some cases did not provide enough infor­mation. We have started with unstruc­tured log mes­sages by con­verting them in enriched struc­tured mes­sages. The delivered solution was a simple, stable, scalable, real-time visual platform capable of running pow­erful ana­lytics based on the col­lected data. The tech­nologies and solu­tions we delivered can support and grow con­tin­u­ously as the cus­tomer business expands.


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Tech­nologies used: 


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