Public services

As any other industry, public ser­vices have changed over the past decades sig­nif­i­cantly. Gov­ern­ments need to deal with an increase in pop­u­lation, increased urban­i­sation, public financial man­agement etc. Once again, the advancement of the IT industry is pro­viding gov­ern­ments with serious chal­lenges it has do deal with espe­cially since cit­izens are increas­ingly demanding improved public service delivery. 

The methods of man­aging, deliv­ering and funding are only some ques­tions that need to be answered. Espe­cially the aspect of cus­tomer focus is nec­essary to meet the desired ben­efits more effi­ciently and effec­tively. However, on the other hand, it also offers author­ities with the pos­si­bility of lever­aging infor­mation tech­nology to their very own advantage, allowing them to easier evaluate eco­nomic trends and implement new policies. 

The imple­men­tation of new cus­tomer-centric models that use tech­nology as a key enabler is another oppor­tunity, gov­ern­ments can take advantage of. Heaven Solu­tions helped a European supreme leg­islative body to improve their internal com­mu­ni­cation process that saves the members of par­liament sig­nif­icant time and resources. 


Case studies: 

  • UK Par­liament process dig­i­tal­ization

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager