Real Estate

The real estate market has been moved into the spot­light over the last century, majorly due to the increase of pop­u­lation size, urban­i­sation and lately, the sub­prime mortgage crisis that hit the world economy in 2008. The fact that the market itself is also heavily influ­enced by the state of the economy, interest rates, and demo­graphics, it con­fronts busi­nesses in the real estate market with chal­lenges to suc­cess­fully nav­igate these risk. 

Tech­nology does also not stop in the real estate industry and brokers need to be able to provide mobile ver­sions of their web­sites as well as cus­tomised apps for their clientele. Nev­er­theless, the industry needs to balance the highly advanced younger gen­er­ation with more mature indi­viduals who have a more dif­ficult time in adapting to tech­no­logical change. 

All in all, the industry is a people-cen­tered business and the usage of mobile com­mu­ni­cation makes many people forget the impor­tance of per­sonal one-to-one meetings. Heaven Solu­tions has been working with real estate agents to set up web appli­ca­tions that allow users as well as potential buyers an easy eval­u­ation and man­agement of the current market offerings. 


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Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager