Supporting rural initiatives for education in the local community

One of our values is Deliv­ering value as a team. Out of the busi­ness context, we applied one of our beliefs to a noble cause and Casa Share became our partner. Bogdan Tănasă, the founder,  offered us the chance to con­tribute to opening a new center for chil­dren in Popri­cani, Iasi!

Casa Share is a local project born from the desire to be mean­ingful for others’ lives and society. In a world of com­pe­ti­tion and chal­lenges, Casa Share managed to get through every obstacle and appeal to humanity. They gath­ered and built homes for those who could not even afford to think of this. 

The story of Bogdan and the help and impact he brought to society inspired us and made us willing to con­tribute as much as pos­sible. Hand by hand we managed to orga­nize and open a Center for Chil­dren where they can learn, dis­cover and express their pas­sions. Imagine having one in every coun­try­side where chil­dren don’t hope for better. 

Touched by dif­ferent stories and through Casa Share, Bogdan builds homes for fam­i­lies in need, giving a chance at a better life to people who almost lost their hope.

Heaven Solu­tions is grateful to help local projects with such moti­va­tion and impli­ca­tion! We always strive to achieve goals, but when do we stop and think about what we could do mean­ingful for the people around us? Sharing the same home with people that do not have the same chances and oppor­tu­ni­ties as we do, makes us realize every­thing isn’t about “me” but is about: “how can I make life matter?”. So, we decided to con­tribute in the ways we could and to bring smiles to children. 

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