Social Commitment


PoliHelp funded by EU

Heaven Solution’s project, PoliHelp, is a dona­tions platform which will be partly funded by EU via EOSC (European Open Science Cloud).

PoliHelp is a digital platform which will bring together the local com­munity to fight against COVID-19 or other pan­demic threats.Local munic­i­pal­ities and orga­ni­za­tions, hos­pitals, small com­panies, vol­un­teers, donors and regional pro­ducers (eg: farmers, textile com­panies, restau­rants, land­lords) are brought together on the PoliHelp platform for match-making with those in need (eg: elderly people, first line health workers, schools). When in need, we must reach out to the com­munity for help in a safe and optimal orga­nized envi­ronment. The data col­lected in the platform and further results will be pro­vided as Open Data to uni­ver­sities and researchers serving the Open Science prin­ciples. Heaven Solu­tions will offer PoliHelp in the format of Platform as a Service, so any com­munity will be able to have their local PoliHelp instance.

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The COVID-19 pan­demic is the defining global health crisis of our time .With the ever growing of COVID-19 cases, Heaven Solu­tions decided to join forces with CyLiis again and create 250 pro­tective visors for medical insti­tu­tions. The advan­tages of wearing a pro­tective visor are its dura­bility, it can be worn an indef­inite number of times, it can be easily cleaned after use and it can prevent the wearer from touching his face. Besides this, we have sup­ported Casa Share with dona­tions and we are open to more com­munity support. We hope to inspire you to do the same. Special thanks to CyLiis young­sters for their example of how to put together passion and hard work for helping the com­munity.


RETINA Robotics is a team formed up of 7 members from local high-schools from Iasi. In the last two years, they took part in two seasons from two dif­ferent inter­na­tional robotics competitions.In the 2019–2020 season, they signed up for a pres­ti­gious chal­lenge, the biggest robotics com­pe­tition in Romania, and the second biggest worldwide, First Tech Chal­lenge. At the beginning of the com­pe­tition, Retina Robotics managed to access one of the 30 kits given at the national level for rookie teams with a remarkable application.They worked between 6 and 12 hours every day. It didn’t matter for if it was holiday or school Day. Always working with passion, preparing another pro­totype for testing.We are extremely happy that we helped organize this year’s demonstration.Keep up the good work, guys! As you say, the sky is the limit.

Robotics Lab powered by Heaven Solutions

Heaven Solu­tions ren­o­vated from scratch an old classroom and together with CyLiis pupils and teachers trans­formed it in a Robotic Lab.
Moreover Heaven Solu­tions involves actively every year in sup­plying the lab with con­sum­ables and other levels of support for par­tic­i­pation in internal and inter­na­tional con­tests. 
On the spot we enjoyed the presence of the mayor, the guests from the edu­ca­tional inspec­torate and the local council, but most of all the children, who wel­comed us with their warm smiles.The project itself and its support has been and remains close to our belief that the future will increas­ingly include robotics and AI in everyday life, com­bined with great con­fi­dence in the potential of the younger gen­er­a­tions of students.We are wit­nessing a strong trend of automation and robo­t­i­zation of all aspects of life and we think this is just a step to start an alignment with other coun­tries that take this seri­ously, from the ear­liest stages of youth edu­cation.We were sur­prised by the deter­mi­nation, intel­li­gence and passion wherewith these children bring per­for­mance to their high school.Stu­dents pas­sionate about robotics and arti­ficial intel­li­gence in Iasi can develop their knowledge at orga­nized work­shops. The work­shops help stu­dents who are moving in this direction by com­pleting software-based infor­mation in the cur­riculum.


Heaven Solu­tions is sup­porting CoderDojo team in Iasi, a non-profit inter­na­tional movement, which orga­nizes pro­gramming  work­shops for children and ado­les­cents. Young people, between 7 and 17, learn how to code, develop web­sites, apps, pro­grams, games and explore tech­nology in an informal and cre­ative envi­ronment. In addition to learning to code attendees meet like minded people and are exposed to the pos­si­bil­ities of tech­nology.

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Emmaus Europe is a non-profit orga­ni­zation, that brings together all the Emmaus struc­tures in Europe and is one of the four con­ti­nental regions of the Emmaus Movement (Africa, America, Asia, and Europe). Today, 303 groups in 17 European coun­tries are members of Emmaus Europe of which Heaven Solu­tions sup­ports Emmaus in Iasi, Romania.

Emmaus Europe seeks to strengthen and pre­serve Emmaus’ identity in Europe with the aim of fighting all forms of exclusion being either social, racial, political, eco­nomic, reli­gious, philo­sophical, ethnic or other kinds of dis­crim­i­nation. It also tries to make sure that the rights of the poorest members of the society are recog­nised.

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Heaven solu­tions is spon­soring “IA SI Urca”, a pro­moter of mountain sports (and not only) among people in Iasi, from running and mountain climbing to altitude climbing, ori­en­teering, mountain biking and mountain tourism.

On the other hand, by his name and his actions, it also  trying to promote the image of Iasi in Romania and abroad, mainly (but not exclu­sively) through amateur sport.

The team sup­ports the movement in all its forms, espe­cially the movement in nature, hence the concern and envi­ron­mental health and they  try to put it as small as pos­sible a  foot­print on the natural and even fix harmful actions of others.

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We believe, that in a well-func­tioning society every indi­vidual has the duty to con­tribute value to the degree of his capa­bil­ities. We are aware and grateful for being part of the more priv­i­leged side of this world, and con­sider it our moral oblig­ation to take respon­si­bility for the less favored. After all, we want to give some­thing back to society. 

Our ambition is to create and improve social awareness of every indi­vidual and strengthen the com­munal engagement, par­tic­u­larly from com­panies.

In com­parison to indi­viduals, firms are in a much more pow­erful position. Therefore they can have a much stronger pos­itive as well as neg­ative influence on society, given their cor­porate activ­ities. Hence, firms carry a sig­nif­icant burden in terms of social respon­si­bility. At Heaven Solu­tions, we under­stand the power and oblig­ation we are holding and commit our­selves to a diversity of social projects.

Similar to the business sector, social projects focus on values and their greater impact. Being able to ulti­mately achieve some­thing, the coop­er­ation of various insti­tu­tions and the impli­cation of a specific project outline is nec­essary. Heaven Solu­tions therefore only sup­ports projects that guar­antee long-term success, are sus­tainable and have a pos­itive influence on society in an effi­cient way. Being able to master this, we con­tin­u­ously innovate and promote synergy. We do not only supply social projects with capital but also consult, offer ser­vices and labour as well as our per­sonal engagement.

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Heaven Solu­tions sup­ports “Mai Bine” Asso­ci­ation, a non-profit Romanian organ­i­sation, which aims for a sus­tainable local com­munity by imple­menting projects in a holistic approach to all three dimen­sions of sus­tainable devel­opment: the natural envi­ronment, social envi­ronment, and the eco­nomic envi­ronment.One of the most important and suc­cessful projects is REDU,  developed as a social enter­prise that aims to transform into a cre­ative and edu­ca­tional way the waste in resources.