Team Building 2019

Enter­taining activ­ities that help people to see each other in a dif­ferent light enable them to connect in a dif­ferent envi­ronment. We tend to have greater imag­i­nation when we are with people with whom we get on well.

Team building brings people together by pro­moting col­lab­o­ration and teamwork.

Heaven Solu­tions chose Bavaria as the venue for the team building 2019. It was a great oppor­tunity to reunite our teams from Germany and Romania.

Munich has a special magic, timeless history, and the most beau­tiful archi­tecture. The beau­tiful Frauenkirche and the town hall are just two of the archi­tec­tural delights in the city center that are worth a visit, and there is much more.

Every year Bavaria draws mil­lions of vis­itors to its breath­taking cities, which are all steeped in the diverse her­itage and rich cul­tural tra­di­tions of the region.
We had a lot of fun!