Testing is one of the most important process in a software life cycle that starts with gath­ering and analysing of the require­ments to the deployment and main­te­nance phase. In order to avoid dif­fi­culties in fixing bugs at the last stage, it is of advantage to start testing from initial stages. This will improve reli­a­bility, per­for­mance and it saves time and is cost-effective. 

Heaven Solu­tions has tester teams with strong knowledge in quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and software testing. Our testers have expe­rience working with both manual and auto­mated software testing by using dif­ferent tools and method­ologies based on the project needs. We have expe­rience with con­tinuous inte­gration testing that per­forms auto­mated build, allowing teams to detect problems at an early stage.

Heaven Solu­tions can offer off­shore ser­vices from Romania that will consist in highly skilled testers who can assure that the stake­holder require­ments are ful­filled.

Case studies: 

  • Internet radio streaming software
  • Real Estate Website
  • Connect Appli­cation
  • Software Testing & Devel­opment
  • UK Par­liament process dig­i­tal­ization
  • Fleet Service Oper­a­tions
  • Share­Point deployment in Turku Univ.
  • Doccura
  • Bingli

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager