Transport and logistics

The transport and logistic industry are devel­oping rapidly. In order to stay com­pet­itive, transport com­panies improve their tracking systems, allowing them to find ways to deliver faster by con­sol­i­dating orders in a more effi­cient manner. Moreover, they want to be more cus­tomer-ori­ented by pro­viding cus­tomers with more control in tracking their shipment. Fur­thermore, transport com­panies have to keep accounts on their own expenses on fuel, trucks main­te­nance and so on. In order to achieve all that, there is a need for software appli­ca­tions, which can help the transport com­panies to manage the data from dif­ferent sources, to react faster on changes, and optimize routes etc. 

Our role

Heaven Solu­tions helped the oil company to offer a new service to car fleets com­panies to keep better track of their expenses and at the same time offer flex­i­bility for the drivers to get fuel without paying.

We have data sci­en­tists and IT experts who can assist in finding the best solu­tions to improve daily oper­a­tions with a help of IT. Our team based in Romania can do smart out­sourcing bal­ancing remote and in-house coop­er­ation.

Case studies:

  • Fleet Service Oper­a­tions

Jonathan Müll

Business Development Manager